Thursday, November 29, 2007

one last attempt at the picture update.

The Hives:
This is a good day, need I say more?!!

The Bumpo:

The boy may be the spitting image of his father. But I now have photographic proof that he is, by and large, my boy. Notice the crayon in his hand? He's circling the "good deals". Sorry about the blurriness of the pictures. It's hard to keep the boy still when there's So. Much. Excitement. In. Those. Ads.

The Cats:
Resting comfortably, on my couch, the day they came home from the vet. Odo, the one in black, was quite out of it for about 24 hours. Maddie, in orange, was there to offer his comfort, in her time of need. It's so awesome that they still act like they did when we got them. Still litter mates that can't be separated. If you look, you can see Odo's little shaved belly from her surgery. So cute, and soft!!

The Bob:
At his happiest, outside, with his family and a camera in his little hammy face. What a boy. I love that determined, hard-headed, light-hearted, lovable, much like his mommy, boy.