Thursday, December 06, 2007

in the home stretch.

Okay, so as of today, we have twenty days left until Christmas. . . . .

. . . . Sorry, back now after a minor meltdown.

Anyway, twenty days.

And, guess what I have done?!! ABSOLUTELY. NOTHING.

Not a single present bought. Not a single stocking stuffer even thought of. Hell, I don't even have stockings yet. Not a single meal planned out. Not a single cookie dough resting comfortably in my freezer. NOTHING!

I'm beginning to freak out just a tad.

Unfortunately, I work tomorrow, but then I'm off all weekend long which should be plenty of time to get some stuff done around here.

First things on the list:

1. Review the menu I prepared back in October for Christmas day. See if it still fits.
2. Come up with something to feed this family on Christmas Eve.
3. Find some damn stockings.
4. Locate and purchase some decorations for this house of mine. Still quite dreary - post fire.
5. Look up some new cookie recipes.
6. Veganize them.
7. Make and freeze them for easy cookies on Christmas Eve.
8. Get and mail some darn Christmas cards.
9. Do some much needed shopping.

So, I think that's enough to get done in two days. Which only leaves everything else. Like shopping for the children. And, wrapping the loot. And, one last major cleaning of this house. And . . . . well, a lot.

We'll see how much I'm able to accomplish this weekend, especially with the kids underfoot.

So, if I'm not around. Fear not. I'm lost in this winter wonderland, so much as it is, here in Florida and all.