Saturday, December 29, 2007

a very belated merry christmas post

So sorry, yet again, for being away. The holiday season totally jumped out of my hands, which tends to happen when you leave everything for the last minute. Leaving me to work, shop, take care of the kids, and sleep. That pretty much sums up how I spent the last few weeks. But more about my Christmas later.

How was your holiday? Hope it was fun and full of family and everything that makes the day special for you, and yours.

Here, we spent Christmas Eve at home, with the in-laws over for some yummy homemade potato chowder, bread, and salad. I'm thinking about making that our newest tradition. It was so less stressful than the normal appatizer feast I usually prepare, and the leftovers were so much tastier. After dinner, the kids helped make some of my infamous Chocolate Chip Cookies, from scratch, to leave out for Santa. While we were busy in the kitchen, Blue Foot stopped by with the Christmas Eve pj presents for the boys. opened their pj gifts from Blue Foot, then it was showers and bed for them. Tim and I spent the rest of the evening preparing for the big event and just enjoying our time together with some festive movies and lots of yummy hot chocolate and good talks.

The next day, the in-laws came over bright and early to watch the kids open their stash from The Man in Red. After the spoiling fest was over, they headed home and we spent a few hours alone as a family, playing a few good rounds of Guitar Hero (which, by the way, is my favorite Christmas present, even though it was NOT my own, but actually Bob's.) Then headed off for the in-laws house for Christmas part deux.

The time at the in-laws, was, for once, enjoyable. The kids had a great time, and for the first year in ages, I didn't have the stress of having to go home and cook afterwards since my mother-in-law offered to do that for us.

The only part that sucked, came at the end of the evening. When we were all sitting around after dinner, enjoying some nice conversation. In the span of five minutes I went from being able to talk normallly, to not at all. My throat had completely closed off, leaving me completely unable to breathe through my mouth. Luckily, my uvula was the thing that was swollen, meaning I was still able to breathe through my nose decently.

So, it was off to the emergency room for us, where we spent the rest of Christmas evening. I don't remember much of the whole event, except waking up the next day and realizing that spending the night in the ER is a surefire way to ruin any Christmas spirit I may have had.

I didn't get to enjoy my traditional alone time with Tim, staring up at the tree and the empty treeskirt beneith. Hot chocolate in hand, and a nice non-Christmas new release on the screen.

I missed that this year. More than I thought I could.

But, all in all, this was a season to remember.