Monday, February 11, 2008

back in business

. . . . Just in time to shut everything down again and move.

The good news is that setting everything back up again will be a breeze. And, even better, we are NOT moving in with Tim's mother. After many long talks, Tim and I decided that we aren't quite ready to make the big move to Ohio. The timing just isn't right. Between the "fragile" state his mom is in, the horrible state of our finances, my upcoming job promotion, and Tim's busy work schedule, we just don't have it in us to move there yet.

So, we're giving ourselves a year. A year to get everything in order. Get job transfers in for me, find a new one for Tim, save money, and purge as much crap as we can before-hand.

For now, we are moving into a bigger place. A place where we actually fit. A place, that although bigger, and newer, is significantly cheaper. And, best of all, it's right down the road, which means the kids stay in the same school district, and the move is cheap.

Now, for the hard part. Containing all of our belongings in a pre-determined amount of boxes. I hate this part. Packing overwhelms me. Especially when it comes to the small stuff.

Currently, all of our furniture, minus beds, is over at the new place. Leaving all the miscellaneous crap to figure out what to do with.

The only good news is, doing it this way really helps you see what you have, and how much of it you really do NOT need.

And on that note, I guess I should end this rather boring update, and get back to things around here.

I'll be back soon with a birthday post (Bumpo is officially six years old now), and more news about the going ons around here.


The Immortal Woman said...

I hope you don't mind but Beth shared this with me and I really have enjoyed it!