Friday, January 25, 2008

it's been awhile . . . .

. . . . yeah, I know.

And, honestly, I have no excuse.

Except that trying to blog with no internet access at home proves to be a bit more challenging than one would think.

Meaning, I have to pack up the kids and the laptop, take a quick drive to the local Krystal, hijack the wi-fi from the car for a grand total of five minutes, before the kids start demanding fries from within.

So, basically, I have about five minutes a few times a week to get online. It's either that or spend about $15 a few times a week buying fries and soda to appease the darn children, and that, my friend, adds up.

Oh, and just in case you're wondering why excactly it is that we no longer have internet access at home, well I can explain.

Comcast, dear comcast. My arch nemisis. The company who has insisted, since they took over, to charge us twice for basic cable. $50 a month, twice. We've been paying $100 for BASIC cable, and they don't see a problem with this. We pay our apartment complex $50 for cable, which is part of our lease agreement, and then we pay Comcast directly another $50 for basic. On top of what we spend for DVR boxes, and internet. It's insaine. Yet, trying to get anybody to understand or listen to what we're saying is a pain in and of itself. Comcast doesn't have a local office. They pay a third party company to do their billing and customer service for them. So, when you go in to them and ask them for an itemized bill, they look at you like you grew antlers right in front of them. And, when you tell them how unhappy you are with the service, they pull out the "I'm just a third party company" card.

It's kinda like calling your doctor's office, and only after you spend ten minutes telling them your latest symptoms and problems, they tell you "sorry, this is only their answering service. You'll have to call this number if you want any real help." And then you call that number, get disconnected a billion times, wait on hold for another twelve hours, and only then do you finally get someone. And still, the problem isn't solved. No where close.

So, we disconnected our service. We're moving soon, and once we move, out of our current apartment complex, we'll get service elsewhere, with another company.

So for now, I'm stuck, with my fifteen minutes a week.

The good news is, things are great. Everyone is healthy and for the most part, happy.

Except for the whole watching live cable thing. That part sucks. Commercials suck.

I miss my fast-foreward button.

And I miss all of you.