Monday, June 23, 2008

a bulleted list for your viewing pleasure.

When does life slow down? Seriously? Seems like all I manage to do lately is go go go. Although I'm sure if life were to slow down, I'd be complaining about boredom. Damned if you do, I guess.

I don't have a whole lot of time to post. Once again I am at Krystal which means my time is limited by the amount of time it takes my extremely hungry child to scarf down an order of fries before the whining begins.

So, in an effort to catch up, I'm opting for an old favorite. . . .

The Bulleted List.

  • Bob left for Ohio about a week ago. All by himself on a jet plane. Made this mommy nervous as hell to think of my NINE year old child, alone, on a plane, with only a flight attendant assigned to his safety.
  • While Bob is away we are working frantically to find a house in CA or OH or somewhere. So far CA is a no-go. Oddly enough no one wants to rent a house to people who may or may not be able to afford it, go figure.
  • I'm still working like mad to convince Tim that Ohio is the place for us. Unfortunately, even if I do convince him, we still don't have enough money to move there.
  • People all around me are getting hurt. First Scott, Bob's dad, got into a really bad car accident and nearly died. Luckily for him, his windshield didn't break, which saved his life but cost him a few broken ribs and a shattered wrist. Then my brother (the one who is about to have a baby any day now) was at work and fell off of a roof, shattering his wrist and cracking a few vertibre. When is this darn black cloud going to leave my family alone?!
  • Tim's mom, Debby, is being a real pain in the ass. Steve, her husband, is home all the time now since he is/was a school teacher and it's summertime and all. If I have to hear about how much she hates being home one more time, I'll hurt her.
  • Speaking of Steve, this poor guy can't catch a break. First he finds out that his entire family is moving to California without him, including his beloved dog, but then he looses his job due to the darn budget cuts. His life sucks right now. And if that's not enough, he has to deal with Debby on a daily basis.
  • My house needs a serious clean-up. It's super bad. Boxes everywhere, clothes scattered on the unused couch in the living room, clean but in need of folding. It's a disaster. I just need to find a way to squeeze in enough time to do those dreaded tasks.
  • I think I took too many benedryl pills today because I'm feeling very tired and dizzy. Which means I should probably go pick up Tim and head on home to bed.
And on that note. . . .