Sunday, October 05, 2008

it's contagious

The air is turning cooler here, and the first hints of fall are all around us.

We can begin to see the change in colors on the hills that surround our home. The roses in the yard are beginning their natural decent into the cooler weather as their petals litter the ground. The lemons on the tree outside our bedroom window are starting to show the first signs of frost.

Autumn is definitely here.

The weatherman even said we could plan on getting a little rain today. It's amazing, being from Florida and all, I've seen rain at least a billion times. It rains almost daily there. Yet, here, in Southern California, where it never rains, you remember how magical a little precipitation can be. It's like looking forward to the first snow in winter. It's festive, and cozy, and most of all it draws you home.

As the cooler air crashes through the open windows, I find myself cuddled on the couch with the family I love so dearly, watching a movie we couldn't find time for over the summer. It doesn't matter that I should be at work today, or that the reason I'm not is because I'm super sick, covered in hives and hopped up on enough benadryl to bring down an elephant. I wouldn't change this for anything in the world.

I love this season. It's a time to reconnect. A time to refocus on what's important in life. A time to draw near everything that was too hot to be around over the summer. A time to slow down and enjoy life, before the craziness of the upcoming holiday season begins.

Needless to say, despite how I feel physically, it's hard to focus on my poor health right now. There is so much beauty around that it's hard to be anything, but happy.