Friday, January 15, 2010

happy, merry. . . . everything.

Wow, it's 2010 already?  I don't even remember passing Thanksgiving, let alone Christmas and New Years!!

But alas, they did pass, didn't they?!!  Our holidays were quiet but perfect.  We stayed home and celebrated with our little family of four, plus two fur babies.  It was nice.  The kids were spoiled beyond repair and, for once, there was no bickering or drama that a certain relative used to cause.
I did find myself, once again, longing for Ohio and the chaos that a big family holiday causes.  I spent many hours day dreaming about what next Christmas will hold and the festivities I cannot wait to host.  Ten years away from home has been more than enough.  Next year will be HUGE!

2010 came in like a lamb.  Again, we were here at home, begging the dear children to "just go to sleep already" so Tim and I could celebrate the start of our 10th (GASP) year together in peace.  It's too soon to say how I think 2010 will turn out but so far, it has promise.  I have lots of plans for the upcoming year, as I've mentioned about a million times, and I'm hopeful.  Of course, I'm old enough to realize that no year goes by drama and angst free but I am hoping that it's kept to a minimum this year.  

Even years are really hit or miss with me and I can't help but have that little fact playing in my head.  Not sure what I'm talking about?  Here I'll give you the brief rundown:

1998 - Bob was born - Good Year!
2000 - Left Ohio and moved in with my dear Timmy - Good Year!
2002 - Bumpo was born. - Good Year!
2004 - Tim lost his job, marking the end of our six figure salary - Bad Year.
2006 - Our house burned down, killing our sweet cat, Dori - Bad Year.
2008 - We moved to California and started living with Tim's mom - Bad Year.
2010 - Not sure what this year holds, but if history holds true, I'm due for a good one!

Hope everyone can look back, twelve months from now and have something positive to reflect back on.   

And, as for my new years resolution:  I resolve to start posting on this blog a lot more frequently.  


Immortal Woman said...

happy birthday! can we freeze time now, i am tired of getting older?