Monday, February 13, 2006


Well, the visit to the in-laws yesterday was quite enjoyable for a change. I usually hate going over there because they usually have a ton of "thoughts" on my life, my children, and most of all, my husband/their son. I don't think I've met anyone who has more horrible things to say about their own child before.

Anyway, on to the enjoyable side of things. . .

It was a beautiful day. A little on the cool side but the sky was a beautiful blue with those white puffy dimentional clouds only Florida has. When we got there, we picked some oranges and grapefruit from their trees in the backyard. Then Bob had a great time playing with their new dog, Bodhi. I don't think I've seen him truely enjoy himself that much in a long time. He ran with the dog for about an hour straight all over the yard. I'm not sure who had more fun, the dog or Bob. It made me wish we could get a dog but our apartment just isn't the place for one. Not to mention, I'll be the one to take care of the thing. So for now we'll stick with a cat.

Bumpo did his best to keep up but in the end decided to go off by himself. Those little legs wear out a lot faster than Bobo's. He really looks up to his big brother. It's great to see the interaction between the two of them. They argue
a lot like most brothers but they also have an amazing bond that I hope they hold on to forever.

had a great time too. I was able to take a ton of pictures which is something I seem to be doing less and less of lately. So it was nice to be able to do some of that yesterday. I need to do more of it. It was also nice to talk with some adults for a change, even if it was just the in-laws.