Sunday, February 12, 2006

Shaving vs. Waxing

Okay, so I just got out of the shower after being in there for what seems like eternity ridding my body of hair. Now the age old question has reared it's ugly head again. . . Why don't I just go and get it all waxed off. I already get my eyebrows done what harm would it do to add a few other areas. Well, aside from cost there is the pain. I wouldn't mind getting my legs waxed, along with my under arms but the other more . . . sensitive area is off limits. What good would it do to get my hooha waxed anyway? Granted, I'd be without hair for a lot longer than I am when I shave, but if I wasn't able to show it off for the first week or two because of the mind numbing pain what good would it do?!! I mean, seriously, I'm afraid it's going to hurt, and hurt like hell for the first two weeks after I have it done. And then, when the hair starts to grow back is when I get to show her off? I don't think so!! If I go through something that excruciating I want my reward! And when she's still smooth and soft and free of every little hair imaginable. Not have to wait for that ugly stubble to return before I can use her.

Shaving that area isn't exactly a treat either though. Every other day is what it takes to keep her bald and beautiful. But do I have the time to spend on the intricate detailed work it takes every other day?!! I don't think so. Twice a week, if I'm lucky! So, as you can imagine (TMI I know) the stubble is there anyway. But at least Tim does get his few days a week (again, if he's lucky, no pun intended) of stubble free glory.

Now, there is another option that I keep meaning to look more into but haven't found the time yet. I would love to be able to just get it all lasered off. Now that would be ideal. Never have to worry about it again. But hell, I don't even know if that do that kind of thing in that area. And I haven't researched to see what kind of side effects I might enjoy as a result. Again, if they fry the area to a crisp or just enough for me to loose sensation, what was the point?!! Hmmm, maybe that should be dh's Valentine's day present?!! Wonder if he'd go for that. . . better wait and put it on my birthday wish list. . . .