Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentine's Day!

Well, it's officially here! And I still don't have anything for Tim. So, we've decided that we are going to get each other something today. Since aparently I'm not the only one without a gift to give. We are also going to do some touristy stuff around town like go to Ripley's and a few other places. Places I've been dying to do since we moved back here but haven't managed to get to yet (like most other things I've been dying to do). So we'll see how the day goes.

Bob has his party at school today (well, still tomorrow for me since I haven't been to bed yet). I totally forgot to get him valentines for his class and I was going to make cookies for him to take too but since I had forgotten I took him to Target tonight around 6:30 to wade through everyone else who had put off shopping until the last minute to look through the few choices they had left. He decided on some Spiderman valentines with lollypops attached. Fine by me, killed two birds with one stone. I also had a few things to pick up and off to the check-out we went. Where upon I notice that the Mr. Clean cleanser that was in the cart had leaked all over everything. So, we had to start all over again. Back to the crowded Valentine aisle, full of people who weren't very loving, to pick out another bag of valentines from the still dwindeling pile. Lucky for Bob there was one bag of Superman ones left. Then around the rest of the store to refill the cart. So, what should have been a quick trip to Target turned into an hour.

Then upon getting home, Bob opens his bag of valentines only to find out that the 22 that are supposed to be in the bag is actually 19. He has 21 people in his class so hopefully someone will be absent tomorrow. Bumpo was also rather upset by this news since I had promised him the extra coveted valentine because he doesn't have a class to buy valentines for and was feeling rather left out of the festivities tonight at the store. So, it's back to Target tomorrow to make up for the lost valentine.