Thursday, February 16, 2006

Cat person in training

I've always been a dog kind of girl. All growing up I had dogs. Wonderful dogs. Dogs that would do anything to please me and make me happy. Cuddily, sweet, obedient dogs. I also grew up with stories of how awful cats are and horrible stories from my father about what he and his friends used to do to the strays in the area he lived in. So, my love for cats was there (as I loved all animals very much) but never would I be a cat person. I liked them as long as they belonged to someone else.

Then I met my husband who has always been a die hard cat person. He thinks it's cool that they have their own mind, and do their own thing. "Funny, that's what I always thought was cool about my children, if I have a pet I want it to listen darn it." would always be my responce to him. He also thought it was neat that you never had to worry about walking them because they just did their business in a litter box. "Yeah and then I get to smell the darn thing" would always be my responce to that. Round and round we went with our beloved conversations about who was better cat or dog.

Fast forward six years later. . .

Here I sit, with my dear bumpo on one side of me and a CAT on the other. No dog in the near future for us. So I guess it's safe to say my husband won that argument we had years ago. I'm still not ready to call myself a cat person though. There are still many things that a dog can do so much better. . . Like for instance, with a dog, I don't have to make sure my health insurance is up to date before I try to give it a bath. With Dori I do! I've never seen a cat move that way before. So, from now on, I'll let the professionals handle that. With a dog, there is no litter box. They go outside! (We'll just forget to mention the little part about haveing to scoop it up.) With Dori we have the dreaded litter box but thanks to Litter Maid and their electronic, automatic litter box it is no longer such a problem. I could kiss the person who invented that thing. There is also something to be said about being met at the door after a hard days work by mans best friend. Although, Dori does it herself. She'll sit on her bench in front of the window and as soon as she hears us pull up (yes, she knows the sound of our car) she'll peak through the blinds until she sees us head to the door and then she's off to meet us there when we enter.

I think the main reason why I love this cat so darn much is because she is so much like a dog. She's a wonderful additon to our family and makes coming home feel like home. Not just a house but home, which is something I have been looking for and trying to find for such a long time. It's hard when you move around as much as we have for the past few years.

Just because I love this one sweet cat who adopted us one morning while my husband was taking trash out, doesn't mean that all cats are welcome in our home. . . I'm always going to be a dog person. Dogs are just my thing. That may change one day. But for now, I am a cat person in training.