Thursday, February 16, 2006

Vegans in the news. . .

Okay, now I understand how people in Mississippi, Alabama, and Louisiana must feel whenever there is a newsworthy story in their area. You know how it is, they always find the hillbilly, with no teeth, in dirty overalls, and who looks like he has never heard of a bath. Then in the background you notice his rusted out trailer, a car on blocks and miscellaneous car parts scattered around his front lawn.

Same goes for vegetarians/vegans. Whenever there is a protest, or just a vegetarian or animal rights activist on television for whatever reason, we are always painted as complete basket cases. They always manage to find the one dirty, bare-foot, pot-smoking, pseudo-intellectual, want to be hippie in the crowd and interview him.

Like earlier this week, on Wife Swap there was a woman on there who claimed to be an animal rights activist. Well, of course they make her swap with the wife of a hunter. Upon arrival to his house the ARA notices that the hunter has deer heads all over his walls. Well, this makes her break down and start bawling. Now I'm not talking about little sobs here and there. I'm talking about full out, high pitched, whimpering and whining.

Fast forward to the next week where she gets to change the rules. Well, the first thing she does is make him get rid of the deer heads. So as they load them all up into the back of his pickup truck she goes around, touches them each on their head and says a little prayer for them, which of course makes her burst out in tears again. After she gets through that melodramatic moment, they leave to take the deer heads to deer head heaven. Well, when they return she starts dinner which is made up of. . . meat and meat by-products. How in the world can you call yourself an animal rights activist, throw such a fit over a man who hunts for food, and then come home and eat an ANIMAL? I don't get it!!! Granted, I doubt she has heads of the pigs, cows, and chickens she eats displayed as trophies at her house but there is NO difference between the two!

Now, lets flip on over to her house. She has a daughter who is free to "express" herself in any way she sees fit, including talking back to her parents, not picking up after herself, and leaving her room a total wreck. Then you see her house isn't any better than her daughter. It's filthy. Dog and animal hair everywhere, dirty dishes piled high and dust as far as the eye can see. Well, the entire hour of the show consists of hippie mom whining at hunter dad because he doesn't do anything around the house, he hunts, and. . . . I guess because he breathes.

Then you have PETA. Now, don't get me wrong, I stand behind most of their beliefs. I just feel their tactics are a bit demented. I mean seriously, what are the people in charge there thinking by having Pam Anderson go to Kentucky and ask for the bust of Colonel Sanders to be removed? That is one of the few things people know Kentucky for! Not to mention, most people in the world see nothing wrong with eating meat. It's like my grandmother going to New York City and asking them to remove the Statue of Liberty because it isn't handicap accessible, although if my grandmother were to ask for anything at this point and time, I'm pretty sure she'd get if figuring she died two years ago!

Oh, and my all time favorite, the throwing of paint on anyone they see wearing a fur coat. Gotta love that one. Again, what are they thinking?!!! I'm sure they get a lot of people to listen to them under those circumstances. . . "ummm, yeah, excuse me, I know I just threw paint on that heirloom coat of yours, but please take this pamphlet and it will explain to you why I did it. . ." Or better yet. . . "Oh geez, I know I got paint in your eye when I splashed paint onto your fur coat, but why don't you sit down here with me until the ambulance arrives and I'll explain why I did it. . . " Now, call me crazy, but somehow, I don't think that approach is going to work.

I swear, most of the vegan/vegetarian population do not act this way. We are just as appalled by this nonsense as the rest of you! But I guess crazy whack-jobs make for good television, so that's probably who you'll continue to see. . . . So I guess next time I run across a redneck joke about someone from Mississippi, Louisiana, or Alabama I'll think twice about laughing at the general stereo type I've formed in my head. . .