Friday, February 03, 2006

Mornings with a house full of boys

Boys are gross. They really are. I mean, the stuff these boys come up with are truely mind boggeling at times. And then there is my dear husband. The instigator of them all. Why is it funny to have gas so bad that I have to leave the room, sometimes the house? Why is it fun to see how much you can say with one burp? Is it really that hard to understand the concept of a hamper? These are just some of the questions I end up asking myself on almost a daily basis.

And then there is the bathroom. We have two, yet they always seem to leave their mark in both. No matter which one I'm in the "decor" is the same. Toothpaste everywhere, hair in the sink (dear husband), and god only knows what on the mirror. Then I venture further into the bathroom where I find a soaked floor, wet towels on the floor in front of the hamper, and a toilet with pee everywhere except in the bowl. What a way to wake up!! I get to spend half my time in the morning cleaning up their mess and then I get to take my shower. No wonder they think I take so long in the bathroom.

The sad part is that it is so much easier to do it myself than to tell them over and over again to clean up after themselves. If that happens everything is so much worse. Instead of the toothpaste being in neat manageable piles, I have a huge sticky smear stretching the entire length of the vanity and down the front. Instead of the pee on the floor by the toilet, I get pee on the floor with toilet paper stuck in it. The towels that were on the floor before are now draped over the towel rack dripping water all over the floor. Again, what is it with the hamper? Oh and the mirror, instead of stuff stuck to it, it's like the vanity one giant smear.

One day these boys are going to come home to find one of the bathrooms outfitted with it's very own padlock. And guess who will have to the key. . . ahhhhhh to have a bathroom free of the male way of life.