Wednesday, February 01, 2006

My boys

It's amazing how different two kids can be. They are both my sons and so much alike in so many ways. They both have the same cute cheeks, same lips, and they both show great respect and empathy for all living things. Which is so hard to find in kids these days. (These days", wow I'm getting old) But that is where their similarities end.

My oldest, the one who's been with me the longest, is my cautious one. He's cautious in everything he does. From who he's friends with, to how he learns new things. He takes a very long time to warm up to people but when he does it's an amazing gift. He is very open with Tim and I. He'll tell us everything. But again, we are about the only ones he trusts with his inner thoughts and feelings. We always have to promise not to tell anyone else. He's also my lawyer child, oh how he loves to argue. I could really hurt my mother for giving me the mother's curse when I was pregnant with that child. He is so much
like me. It's funny because according to the chinese zodiac we are like oil and water. Actually, we're more like fire and fire. . . which just creates a bigger fire. I'm a Monkey and he's a Tiger which are just not fitted for each other. But we make it work. It's hard at times to work with someone who is so much like you but through him I've also discovered so much about myself. He is a very determined child and doesn't give up easy (as long as it's something he wants and not something someone else tries to get him to do). "No" is always a negotiation with him. He's always telling me what he thinks his rules should be and what should happen if he doesn't obey his rules. He's also so smart for his age. A little too smart. Like he told me at Christmas, "I want Santa to bring me anything that I have to learn, because anything I have to learn, I love." And that sentance just explains him perfectly. He's my book worm. Ever since he's learned to read, he reads everything. Doesn't matter what it is he's happy as long as he has something in front of him to read or do. He definately takes the cautious way to go about learning though. It's always through a book or by watching someone else do something. He wants to make sure whatever it is, is safe and secure before he tries it.

Then there is my youngest. The sweetest little thing I've ever met. I mean, both my kids are sweet but he is just beyond sweet. He's the first person to say good morning when he gets up, he's always in the best little mood and it takes a lot to get him down. He's also my sensitive child. He loves very easily and will talk to just about anyone he comes across about EVERYTHING!! I think most of the cashiers at Publix know all about my family and personal life. He's very trusting and loves so completely and innocently. I hope he never looses that. Life is perfect in his eyes. He has a mommy, a daddy, a brother, and grandparents, "his people" as he calls us. He hates to be yelled at, or even talked to sternly, he'll just start crying. He just doesn't understand why these people he loves so much have such a problem with him climbing on the bookshelves or walking on the counter. So of course he's also my little dare devil. He's always climbing on anything and everything to get into stuff. Which is probably why he's the one who's already been in the hospital to get stitches. He's always finding a new and creative thing to do. He will play by himself for hours. It's just so amazing to sneak in there and watch him play. He's definately not the book type. Sure he loves to be read to but when it comes to learning he's all about the hands on stuff. He learns through touching and seeing how things work. I know he's going to be the one who takes apart everything when he's older, just to see how it works.

Kids are amazing. It's so overpowering when I think about how much I've learned though them. Just amazing. . .