Monday, March 06, 2006

Stopped up drains, soccer practice, and a school dance, oh my!

These last few days have been very hectic. Come to think of it, the whole month of February was pretty hectic. It doesn't look like March is going to get any better either. I love this time of year!

I made a big mistake yesterday and put too much pasta from dinner down the garbage disposal and now the drain is completely stopped up. A trip to CVS to purchase Draino Gel and a day later and still no change. In fact I think it's probably a little worse. This morning I got the bright idea to try and fix it myself. Yeah me, good ol' plummer April. Who's never sucessfully unstopped a toilet, think I can manage to get pasta out of the garbage disposal and down the drain safely. Well, I did manage to get all the water out of the sink but now it's in the bottom of the dishwasher. One great big sudsy mess that then overflowed onto the kitchen floor. Who knew that the stupid sink and dishwasher were connected in some weird way?! I sure didn't. So, needless to say, I think it's time to call in the professionals to fix, not one, but now two of my mistakes. I'm sure they'll get a good laugh over the stupid housewife-turned-plumber.

In other news, Bob has started soccer again and can't be happier. He's been asking me about when they started up again since around Thanksgiving. So after he got out of school today all I heard about was the up and coming soccer practice tonight and I couldn't forget. He counted down the time until we had to be there. Which did at least show me that he understands time and counting down minutes, which is a great thing, even if it is quite annoying to hear it every other minute. Gosh that boy is smart.

He's also been very hyped up because he found out today that there is a dance at school on Friday for K-2 graders. And, the girl in his class that he's liked all year asked him to go. He is thrilled. Now he wants to go to JC Penny to get a new outfit, shirt and tie included. He's been after me to get him a shirt and tie for a long time and now he has something to wear it to! He wants so badly to look like dad and Boppa do when they go to work. Even after the warnings that he might be made fun of for dressing like that he doesn't care, he still wants to wear it because he thinks it's cool. Which is yet another thing I love about that boy. If he thinks something is cool or neat he'll do it, no matter what other people think. And if he thinks something isn't cool no matter how popular it is with his friends he won't do it. I just hope he stays that way. So, I'll write a note to his teacher tomorrow asking what kind of dress these kids should be in for this dance and as long as it isn't something too casual I'll get him his much sought after dance attire.

Oh, and (much to Bob's chagrin) I can't forget to make sure the batteries in the camera are charged and ready to go for Friday. He gets so embarrassed when he has to deal with his mom running after him, camera in hand trying to capture that perfect picture. It's so uncool when you're 7, I'm sure. He'll have to deal with it this time though. You only experience your first dance once, and you better believe I'll be there to capture as much of it as I can. I'm sure he'll thank me. . . one day.