Friday, May 26, 2006

School's Out, For Summer!!

May 19, 2006

Today was Bob's last day of school and I have to tell ya, I couldn't be happier. No more getting up at dawn to drive him across town by 7:50. Next week, I get to sleep in!

It's been a very eventful week with all the end of year festivities. Full of the kind of events that make all mothers a little teary eyed. It's just another reminder that my baby is another year closer to graduation. :( He's done an outstanding job this year, staying on honor roll all year and thankfully not losing his love for learning.

Anyway, we started the week with a talent show which was just the cutest thing in the world. Bob decided to do jokes and he did an awesome job. Everyone in the cafetorium laughed and cheered when he was done. He was so adorable. He has been reviewing these jokes for at least the last month, and although I am personally sick to death of each and every one of them, I was really proud of him. He got right up on that stage, not a glint of shyness in him, and told his jokes. There was also a lot of dancing, singing, gymnastics, and magic shows from Bob's other schoolmates. It was quite a performance and a wonderful time.

On Thursday Bob's class had their end of year party. They were allowed to take their favorite board games to school to share with a friend. I also gather that there was a movie and some snacks. I guess it wasn't much of a party though. "Pretty boring" was how Bob described it. That is one thing I haven't liked about his teacher this year. She's a great teacher but in my opinion she focuses a little too much on teaching and not enough on fun. I think learning should be a fun experience but apparently his teacher this year felt differently. She didn't even want any of the parents in the classroom for the party, which was a big disappointment to me.

Then today was just great. We started with a Memorial Day Parade. I've been to this school's parades before and wasn't expecting anything extraordinary but this one was different. It was very moving. Each of the grades picked an american kind of song to sing and then at the end they had all the veterians and students that had family over in Iraq stand in the middle of the parking lot and they all sung God Bless The USA together. It was a such a moving experience. We then moved inside to their awards ceremony. Another tear jerker, I tell ya! Bob got an award for fitness, honor roll, and a few other "thanks for being a student" type of awards. (We were able to get some great pictures which I will be posting in a few days after I get them downloaded to the computer.) After that, Bob went back to his class and had a good time with his friends until the bell tolled announcing his last day of first grade, and on a sadder note, his last day at that school.

Next year he will be going to the school right next door to us, also known as the best school in the district. Which I'm happy about but Bob couldn't care less. He just wants to make sure he has friends wherever he goes. Which is one thing he'll never have to worry about. . .