Sunday, May 28, 2006

Up to Date

Finally! I think I am completely caught up and now I can go on blogging the way normal people do. Day to day, instead of post dating every entry I make! Woo-hoo, I'm back in the land of the present.

Wow, okay lets see, what has been happening since last week. . .

Ah yes, we had a surprise guest visit us for a week starting last Saturday. It was Tim's step-father. Let me give you some background first before I explain why he was here. . . .

Tim's step-father, we'll call him Steve, is an extremely kind and intelligent man. He lacks common sense and is a bit of a dork when it comes to household chores but he's been sheltered from those things all his life, so it's to be expected. He has been married to Tim's mom for about 16 years. All throughout their relationship, Tim's mom (we'll call her Deb) has worn the pants in the family. She stays at home and does nothing around the house day in and day out. Steve, on the other hand, is a high school english teacher. So, his workload is quite large. Deb for these sixteen years has had Steve wait on her hand and foot. He does all the cleaning around the house, all the grocery shopping, and all the yard work. Deb doesn't even have a drivers license (by choice) so when she does want to go somewhere Steve gets to drive her around. All the while taking countless criticism from her. Well, he just recently found out that he was being let go from his teaching position at catholic school here in town. Now, mind you, he's still going to be getting paid through August. Well, Deb has been on him to find a job since the day he found out about his upcoming termination.

Anyway, last weekend they were supposed to come over to celebrate Bob's awesome job in first grade. I guess earlier in the day Steve was supposed to be looking for jobs online and instead wasted the day away online looking at news sites, games, etc. I guess this infuriated Deb (understandably so) and they got into this huge argument. I get a phone call from Deb, about a half hour before they were supposed to be here telling me that they wouldn't be able to make it. Steve then called me about a half hour later (put up to it by her I'm sure) telling me that he was sorry for screwing everything up, and that he was just a complete screw up. Me, being the understanding person I am, accepted what they said and went on with my day and made other plans. Well I guess after Steve got off the phone with me he packed a bag and left. I was very proud of Steve when I got this news! After a lot of convincing we got him to come over here and stay with us until things cooled down.

Monday rolls around and Deb decided that she wanted the car at her house. Now, like I said earlier, she has no license and won't drive anyway. Steve on the other hand, still has work to get to for the whole week. Then on Tuesday, she calls Steve up and asks him to come over to take her to the store. Steve of course agrees and does like a good little boy and runs to her every call. Then she decides that she wants to grill out so she has Steve stay for dinner because she can't work the grill. On and on it goes. Then yesterday, she had the nerve to ask him to come over and take care of the lawn and the trimming for her. And him, being the spineless wimp that he is, went! I absolutely could not believe it! All week she had been telling him that she didn't know if they would get back together. Telling him that he would just have to keep checking back until she decided he could come home. Well, I guess he did a pretty good job with the yard work yesterday because she finally gave him permission to come home, for "one last chance". This woman is out of her mind. Here she has this man who would lay down his life for her and she treats him like dirt. Then she has the nerve to tell Tim that he treats her like crap. Sorry, I've been around them on many occasions where she has verbally abused him in front of everyone, and he just stood there and took it. So, I find it very hard to believe that he treated her like crap.

Oh, and I forgot to mention the best part about all of this. . . Guess who got to drive him around, cook for him, and take care of him for this entire week? Me, of course!! Granted, I completely did not mind because he deserved, so much, to be treated like a human being for a change. We'll just forget that they never would have done the same for us without setting up some kind of payment process to help them out first. However, since my definition of "family" is totally different from theirs, I didn't mind and would gladly open my doors to either one of them again. I'll just silently keep my fingers crossed, that it will be Steve again next time!