Thursday, June 01, 2006

A Very Merry Unbirthday!

Monday and Tuesday were my unofficial birthdays. It was supposed to just be Monday but since it was Memorial Day I couldn't do everything I was supposed to be able to do, so. . . we celebrated Tuesday too! I'm such a lucky girl.

On Monday we went out to lunch at The Loop, a great pizza place in Jacksonville, and had the best pesto pizza around. After that, we drove around for a little bit and then met Tim's parents for minature golf. I love minature golf, I suck, but it's a lot of fun. As usual, I didn't win but we had such a good time and it was so cute watching the kids that it didn't matter. After golf, we went to dinner at this place on the island called (I think) Dragon Cafe. The place was pretty good. They had the yummy tofu pockets that I love but haven't been able to find anywhere, and the dinner was pretty good too. During dinner Tim's parents gave me their gift which is just awesome. They gave me a bamboo vase (anyone who knows me knows how much I love bamboo stuff, and anything zen like) and a gift card to Marshall's. I've never been to Marshall's and now I have an excuse to go!!! Perfect gifts.

On Tuesday, the kids and Tim were able to give me their gifts. Why did we have to wait until Tuesday, you ask? Well, because they bought the gifts on Tuesday! LOL Typical men. Waiting until the last minute for everything. Tim surprised me by taking me to get my hair cut and nails done. While I was being pampered he rushed the kids off to get their shopping done.

Wow, did I ever take advantage of that hair cut. My hair was about four inches away from my butt before I went in to the hair salon. By the time I walked out, it was up to my shoulders with blonde highlights throughout. I'm still not sure how much I like this new "do" but it's growing on me and is a nice change. (I'll post pics when I remember to take some)

The gifts the kids got me were perfect. Bob got me a lucky bamboo plant since my other one broke in the fire. Seemed pretty fitting to have it break then, but still heartbreaking since it was the first plant Tim gave me when we got together and the only plant I had managed to keep alive. It had made the journey from here to Houston and then back here when we moved back. Bumpo got me a lamp for the living room. Which is something I've been hinting around about forever since we have no lights right now in there and have to depend on the ugly flourescent light from the kitchen. Tim also surprised me with another gift. A date palm for the living room! I love plants inside. They bring so much to a room that no other decorating element can do. I've also been promised that this one is easy to keep alive, as long as I remember to water it.

And so, my birthday ends for another year. This one was very enjoyable and well worth the wait. It went from a horrible birthday to one of the best so far. Thanks to my wonderful family, I feel like the luckiest person in the world!