Friday, June 09, 2006

Well It's Official

The humid days of summer upon us. I was so hoping they'd forget their way this year. It's been quite an enjoyable summer up until now. Nice 80 degree days with low humidity and calm ocean breezes. Ahhhh, heaven.

Then today, I go outside and feel like I've entered a sauna. My clothes clung to me in record time. This also means that the days of my nice, manageable hair are gone until
around Thanksgiving. Let the frizzy hair days begin!

I guess I should start all the wonderful beginning of summer rituals. Any northerner trapped in the southern summer knows what I'm talking about. . . Blast the air in the house, scour the internet looking for no-cook meals to live on throughout the summer, try and break the world record for least time spent outdoors, and last but certainly not least, start experimenting with new hats and hairdos that keep every pesky little hair off of the neck and contained!

Oh darn, I just remembered, that last one no longer applies to me. Thanks to my wonderful husband and his birthday present to me, I have the kind of hair cut that is completely impossible to keep contained. And forget trying to keep it off my neck, I'm too busy trying to keep it out of my eyes!! But hey, everyone thinks it's cute.

Hope everyone is finding their own ways of staying cool!