Sunday, June 04, 2006

A Lot of Sun and A Little Bit of Tears

This weekend has been an eventful one. Well actually, Friday was an eventful day followed by a couple days of pure rest and relaxation. Bob left for Ohio with his grandmother on Friday. Before he left we wanted to do something really fun together so he decided on going to the pool. Well, we spent about three hours there and had so much fun. However, we did it all without much sun block, in the middle of the day here in Florida so you can just imagine the results. Although my results are a lot less severe than Tim's who against my better judgement laid out in the sun for over an hour trying to get a tan. We won't mention that he was as white as ghost or anything though. He wanted to get some color! Well, he succeeded in his goal, although I don't think red was what he was going for! Now I get the joy of listening to him go on and on about how much pain he's in and how it's so hard for him to do anything that causes him to move. LOL Men!!

Both boys had a great time and it was good to do something fun with Bob before he left for the month. Gosh I miss that boy. I talked to him last night after he had finished dinner with his grandmother. He had pancakes and EGGS! I was fuming. He hasn't even been gone for a day yet and already he's eating stuff that he knows not to eat here. And why?!! Because of those darn people. They pressure Bob to eat it by telling him he won't be big and strong unless he eats that way. They are the worst with milk though. Bob is allergic to milk. It isn't just because we are vegan that he can't have it. It's a health issue! Yet, they still offer him ice cream and stuff. And their excuse is that he asks for it. Well, of course he does! He's SEVEN! What seven year old do you know that wouldn't want ice cream?!! It doesn't mean it's okay. When Bob eats milk he gets a terrible upset stomach, a stuffy nose, his throat closes up, and then he's extremely irratable. I so hate it when he's up there.

Well, I need to get going. I've promised Bumpo a movie and some snacks to get his mind off of Bob being gone and he's now standing over me with his little puppy dog eyes. Who can turn that down?!