Wednesday, June 14, 2006

One Quick Piece of Advice

Never cook in the nude. It may seem like a sexy idea, but take it from me; it can also be very painful. Things swing, and move, and get in the way when not properly contained, and it hurts! Then, guess what, a once sexy evening will go down in your husband's mind as the night his clumsy wife burnt her left breast (sorry I have no tact this evening, I'm still in pain) trying to be adventurous. And if that horribly embarrassing thought isn't enough, you'll have a lovely sore to remind him in the weeks to come. So, every time he looks at you, ahem . . . naked, he has a silly little grin on his face, that he can’t quite contain, as he remembers this incident. Who knew a layer or two of clothing could protect so much! Not only would my breast still be intact, but also my dignity.