Monday, July 17, 2006

You Know The Drill

When it rains, it freakin' pours.

This month has been a doozy so far. First the trouble with Bob's dad, the added expense of the doctor's visit for Bob, school shopping to do, pre-school sign ups, soccer sign-ups and now. . . . Our Durango has decided to die.

We had an awesome day planned out for Bumpo yesterday. Bob was with the grandparents enjoying some alone time and it was our job to make a special day for Bumpo. Well, we were on our way to Manatee Cafe (our first stop of the day) when our car decided it had enough and wouldn't go any further. We were lucky we managed to get it off the road and into a Labor Ready parking lot, complete with a bunch of drunk homeless people and prostitutes. Not the best place to be with a four year old and a dead car. But we did get to meet "The Irish Man". Guess he's pretty famous, or at least he thinks he is when he's drunk.

Anyway, after waiting for the car to be towed and our wonderful cheap mechanic to look at it, we were told that it looks like our fuel pump went out. Just lovely. The fuel pump is not an easy fix, which means it's expensive. It's located within the gas tank so in order to get to the darn thing you have to totally disassemble the entire tank. Then, you can't just replace the pump, you have to replace the pump, the gauge, and a couple other things that are wonderfully shoved together in this mess of stuff. (don't you just love my mechanic talk?) We're talking about at least a $300 hit right now. Which is not what we needed to hear. Basically now we're trying to weigh our options. Is it better to be without car insurance or water?

Tell me why cars are such a great invention again??