Monday, February 12, 2007

The name of the game is love. . . and Morgan.

Wow, I've gotten a lot accomplished today. I actually got my menu planned for the week, went grocery shopping, and even made it to Target for our annual school Valentine's shopping.

This year, Bumpo also gets to participate in all the fun and excitement that goes along with handing out tiny little valentines to everyone in his class, then gorging himself on candy and junk food for the rest of the day, in the name of all things heart shaped of course.

This year, again, Bob has someone he wants to buy (or shall I say, have his mom buy) something "extra special" for. And Bumpo is making sure not to miss out on any of that action. The funny part about this is that, apparently, both of my boys' hearts beat a little faster at the name Morgan.

I've mentioned before that Bumpo has a major crush on a girl in his class named Morgan. Hard to believe the kid is only five isn't it?!! Now, I've come to learn that Bob's current crush is also named Morgan. Ahhh, my boys.

Well, I need to run, off to make dinner for these two hyper, love struck children of mine. Hopefully I can get them in bed before How I Met Your Mother starts at eight!