Saturday, February 10, 2007

Happy Birthday (Party) Bumpo!

Today Bumpo had his much anticipated birthday party.

We had his party at the clubhouse of our apartment building. At first I was worried there wouldn't be enough for the children to do. Everyone knows there isn't much worse than having a bunch of bored five-year old's on your hands. But, after pretending to be paleontologists, a very interesting balloon pop, musical chairs, pizza, cake, opening gifts, and the unbreakable pinata, we actually ran over in time.

All his favorite people from his class were there, including the love of his life, thus far, Morgan. He made sure to sit by her every chance he got. It was so cute watching them together. And, if that's not enough, his teacher came to his party as well. Bumpo was telling Tim the other day that he really hoped Miss. Nicki would be there. He loves his teacher very much, and I think the feeling is mutual for her too. She's one of the nicest ladies I've ever met in my entire life. She really enjoys her job and pours her heart and soul into her classroom. I'm so glad Bumpo got her for his first teacher.

Now, my sweet baby (yep, in my eyes he's still a baby) is fast asleep on my bed, in his new dinosaur pj's with a huge knot on his forehead. (After the party, Bob decided to make a little obstacle course for Bumpo outside and apparently, Bumpo ran right into a pole.)

. . . Yep, he may be getting older, but some things (his clumsy nature) never change.

And, it's finally official, Birthday #5 has come to a close.

Next up: Birthday #27, for none other than yours truly.