Thursday, March 01, 2007


I was warned about the one year blogiversary blues, and I thought surely it would never happen to me, hell, I'll never run out of things to talk about. . . Well, I was wrong.

The impossible has happened, I've run out of things to ramble on senselessly about. Now, people who know me, I'm sure you are all shocked. How can I, the person that keeps my family on the phone for hours, run out of stuff to say? To be honest, I have no clue.

There are a ton of things rattling around in my head right now, I'm just having a very hard time putting most of my thoughts into words. The good news is, this is common for me. Especially when I'm going through one of my mega creative phases, which is the case now. Call it, my form of winter the winter blahs.

So many ideas, so many scatter-brained thoughts about said ideas, so many ways to organize scatter-brained thoughts, too many good things on TV that distract haywire brain movements, . . . hey look, a pretty bird! . . . . Now where was I again?!

Okay, now that I've found my way back, I'm going to try (although this may be a completely moot point) to list all the randomly CREATIVE projects floating their pretty way around in my head right now.

The projects on my creative list so far:

  • Designing a home office on a less than shoestring budget.
  • Redoing my blog design.
  • Coming up with a much better header for this blog.
  • Working on a photography portfolio.
  • Organizing my remaining/newly purchased scrapbook supplies.
  • Getting more familiar with Photoshop.
  • Learning HTML
  • Organizing this darn house. TOP PRIORITY - - the endless stack of papers that haven't had a home since the fire, and threaten to topple on the next kid that even thinks about pulling another all important paper out of the middle of the vicariously perched stack.
  • Working a little more regularly on my vegan blog.
  • Start working on the cookbooks I've been planning on doing for Christmas presents for years now. I figure, if I start now, they should be done by this time, 2010.
  • Seriously weigh the benefits of using 8.5 x 11 over 12 x 12.
  • Decide when (and if) I want to make the conversion. (something tells me I should at least finish my 12 x 12 album before I convert.)
  • Get serious about my scrapbooking once again. I miss it so much.
  • A filing system that works, but isn't dreary and all. . . office looking. I want happy colors, and cool designs, and flowers, and birds. And if it just so happens that when I open the file drawer I see (and smell) a meadow full of wild flowers instead of business forms and birth certificates then that would be okay too.
  • Oh, and I need a calendar. A BIG calendar. A place where I can list all of the important events (a daily schedule, if you will) that I need to remember. You know, like bathing the kids, loading the dishwasher, feeding the kids, picking up the mail, yeah that stuff, easy to forget kind of stuff. Oh, and I have to be able to see it from anywhere in the house. I happened across this wonderful idea, an idea I'm sad to say I can't duplicate in this dear apartment of mine for a number of reasons. #1 - being the insane bill I'd have to pay after we vacate, for putting chalkboard paint, and magnetic paint on the walls, not to mention the beautiful, yet hard to cover grid. and #2 - these damn textured walls that would make the chalkboard paint virtually useless anyhow.
  • And if all that stuff isn't enough, I am still in the midst of getting the hang of my new camera.
Okay, so after that long ramble of crap, the good news is, I think I've found my voice (err, hands in this case, I guess) again. And, if I do say so myself, I'm doing a pretty good job of intertwining my creative side with my homemaking side. Even if, so far, I've only been able to do so on this here screen.

However, mark my words, the creative me and the homemaking me will join forces soon enough, and turn this house in to one kick-ass place to reside.

Ahh yes, 'Tis a good thing the dear husband doesn't read this here blog often enough. The words above could come back to haunt me, otherwise. . . .
Progress is progress, right?

Now if you'll excuse me, this rant of expression and creation has zapped the energy out of me. I think I hear my local sofa calling.