Wednesday, March 07, 2007

hanging in there

I'd like to say that I'm done, or at least much farther along than I really am. But, I am making progress. I'm taking my time to get this house the way I want it. To me, there is nothing worse than getting the house "company clean" only to know that the closets are still stuffed with junk and that under the beds and sofas lies a whole new world of disaster, complete with a rambunctious village of dust bunnies.

I'm trying not to do that this time. I'm taking my time to clean every square inch of this place and to find a home for everything. My dear husband even bought me a label maker. I had one before the fire but sadly, it was yet another tragedy in the long list of them. I'd forgotten about how much I love that thing. It really is useful. Not to sound like an anal neat freak, but I recommend one to everyone. This past weekend Tim and I spent the day in the boys' room, helping them get everything organized and cleaned up. After everything was done, I went in and labeled all their toy bins and dresser drawers so they know exactly what goes where. Immediately after I was done, my youngest, Bumpo, came to me and started asking what all the bins said. Then he began to go around the house, collecting his toys, and actually putting them away WITHOUT BEING ASKED!! It was amazing to see!!

Okay now that I've bored everyone to tears (although judging by my sitemeter no one really reads this thing anymore anyway), I'll move on to another subject.

Bumpo was sick again this past week. As a matter of fact, after spending a week home from school, he finally went back yesterday. He had that horrible Bronchitis/Flu/Fever/Croup combination again. Luckily he only needed his nebulizer once during this bout of illness. Hopefully, in some sick twisted universe, that means we're making progress.

Well, I think that's about it on this front. I need to get these boys tucked in to bed and some more work in the kitchen done.