Thursday, March 08, 2007

Moms for Manners - - The Boys Edition

In my never-ending quest for new reading material, I've recently come across quite a few blogs with buttons on the side for Moms for Modesty. Moms for Modesty was started by Everyday Mommy. Personally, I completely agree with her idea. There have been many times when the husband and I have been out shopping somewhere and have either seen a little girl with her butt showing, or in a halter top that exposes a little too much, or both. Seeing outfits like that on children makes my heart ache. Even though I have no girls of my own, I still want to reach out and strangle the designers who make these hoochie clothes for kids so young. And after I'm done with them, find the adult who thought it was cute or cool to parade their child out in public dressed like that.

Anyway, on the subject of children's clothing, I have my own problem with the new trends. Mainly the rude, graphic, and trashy t-shirts that seem to be the current must-have for boys Bob's age. My poor Bob is in desperate need of some new shirts. And it seems like everywhere I go, I can only find two types of shirts. The traditional stripped polo (which he owns a good amount of already), or these disturbing t-shirts with either rude sayings splattered across the chest, or violent graphic images silk-screened to them. What kind of message does it send to a child when he's wearing a shirt that says "Being good is my brother's job", or a t-shirt telling them to lie and get someone else in trouble? Don't even get me started on the shirts downplaying homework, and how to misbehave at school. We wonder why children have no idea how to take responsibility for their own actions anymore.

Isn't it hard enough to teach our children proper values and principals in today's world without the influence of these "designers" telling them that it's cool to disobey authority? I don't know about any of you, but I have a hard enough time teaching my boys how to respect adults and how important manners are. That you treat other people the way you'd like to be treated. That it's not cool to be mean to other people just because everyone else is doing it. I don't need some stupid t-shirt teaching my boys that being bad is cool.

. . . I have their teen years to look forward to for that.