Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Lots of work to do but. . .

. . . Our air conditioner is broken.

Now, some of you northerners may be wondering why in the world I'd need to turn on the air in March. Well, let me remind you that I live in the sunny and humid state of Florida. Where, for the past week, it's been at least 75 degrees out, and getting hotter as the days go by. Today, the needle is heading toward the low 80's mark. And that's OUTSIDE. Here in my tiny apartment, with no cross ventilation what-so-ever, it's probably at least 85 already, and the sun is still beating down with serious determination.

Have I mentioned how much I hate being hot? Can't stand it, especially when I'm working. But see, here is the problem; I have to get the house clean before I can even call and report a problem with our air. There is no way I'd let anyone (not even maintenance) in here right now, with things "as is". But, when I think about getting up and working, I melt. Seriously, I become a puddle of sweat on the floor. And how is that going to help anyone? In fact, that will just make a bigger mess for me to clean up.

Right now, my plan is to sleep. Sleep all day and work all night. At night, with the windows open and the fan blowing it isn't as bad. At least the air is cool. Still damp, but cool. Within that plan, lies another set of problems (take for instance, the fact that I'm a newly converted morning person and usually want to go to bed by 10:30), but the works gotta be done. And done by me, alone apparently.

So, goodnight all. See you when you're all asleep!