Monday, April 02, 2007

Spring Break: spring cleaning day #1 **Updated**

** All updates in RED. **

Today officially marks the beginning of Spring Break 2007 (although we all know it began the minute the kids were out of school on Friday).

This year, instead of a vacation, I'm going to try something new. Spring break, this year (and hopefully for years to come) will mark the beginning of my spring cleaning excursion. I've always gotten into the whole spring cleaning idea, but I've never been able to get it all done at once. I'd do a room here, take a week off, do a room there, take a week off, and so on. So, by the time I was completely done with my house, the room I started with would start to show signs of wear, a stray book, a few shirts looking for homes, my ever present basket of ironing in the corner, you get the idea. Now it wasn't like I was cleaning a room and then leaving it alone for the weeks to come. No, I'd still do the daily/weekly maintenance of dusting, vacuuming, washing linens, and so on, but by spring cleaning the way I have in the past, I never got to experience that euphoria of having the ENTIRE house done, with everything in their places. This year, I've vowed to change that.

So, for today I am choosing to tackle the front entry way (shoes put away, walls wiped down, closet door and front door wiped down, floor swept, need to mop), front closet (a long, hard task, but it's completely and totally DONE!!), and the office area (items purged, desk cleaned off, still need to vacuum keyboard and floor, and steam clean. Then I get the fun job of adding all my homey little touches to the area!). My front closet hasn't been touched since we moved in. So, I fear that will take the most time. The office area, since it's pretty new, will be relatively simple. I just have a few things to find homes for, dusting to do, a few homey touches to add, and the all important vacuuming to do.

Well, I'm off for the day. I'll check in later in the evening to report my progress.

I think I got off to a relatively good start yesterday. I didn't anticipate the front closet taking so darn long but now it's done. I only have upkeep to do with it from now on. And, best yet, the shoes that were cluttering up the entry way now have a home in said closet, allowing the front door to open all the way, as intended.

Today, things are already running a little more smoothly. I know I'm running a little behind on here, but trust me, as far as my house goes, that's a good thing.

I'll post my plans for today a little later, complete with an update.