Thursday, May 24, 2007

It's summertime

Which means Bob will be leaving me to for his trip to visit dear ol' dad for a month.

He leaves tonight via ex-mother-in-law and will not be back until around July 1, or so. I'm gonna miss that boy, I really really am.

He, as usual, can't wait to leave. He has a ton of things planned out for the summer. So much, that I don't think he'd have time to complete everything if he were visiting for a year, but that's okay. He'll definitely keep Scott on his toes.

Things around here are going to be less than interesting while he's away. Tim and I are working like crazy, leaving little time for much else. We are skipping the vacation this summer because we have already planned a trip in September for my brother's wedding. Although, I think a weekend getaway may be in the works. Something to keep Bumpo's mind off of missing his brother.

Speaking of Bumpo, we have decided to put him in daycare while Bob is away. That way he isn't left outside, playing by himself for the month while his brother is in Ohio enjoying a fun filled, attention getting summer. Yeah, the idea of him spending day after day outside, like an unwanted, unloved pet, totally makes me sick. So, I think daycare will be the best way to go with him for the time being. Plus, he'll get to see Ms. Nicki off and on. And, I'll stay out of jail because I won't be tempted to kill that damn devil spawn, since I will no longer see her on a daily basis. Totally kidding about that last part, of course.

Well, anyway, I need to get going. I have clothes to wash for Bob and an activity booklet to get ready for his trip. He leaves in less than an hour so I'd like to cram in some quality time as well, if I can pull him away from his friends, that is.