Tuesday, June 12, 2007

still around

Yep. I'm still here. Still alive and well. And, yes, still super short on time.

Currently, I'm in the middle of my work weekend. I had yesterday (Tuesday) off and I'm off again today. However, Bumpo is pretty sick. So, instead of leaving the house to work, I've been working at my favorite job, playing nurse and maid to my dear little boy.

He really is the sweetest thing, but it especially shows when he's sick. To an outsider, you'd never be able to tell he's not feeling well. But to his mommy, the signs are clear. His mommy knows that when he talks non-stop for hours on end that he isn't feeling well. Or that the reason that he talks at the top of his lungs is because his ears are all stuffed up and he hasn't figured out how to talk normally. Or when he insists on cuddling with me in my bed, just so he can watch TV, is really because he is too run down to do much else, and wants me nearby to run for the all important tissue or puke bucket when he needs it. Or that he only asks for a massage, with lotion, when his stomach is bothering him and he needs something to keep his mind off of it. (I used to give him massages all the time when he was a baby. They are wonderful for digestion, if done right. It's kinda funny that this little trick still sticks with him.) He may look like a normal healthy five year old to most people but his mommy knows.

What is really sad is that my poor boy has been sick so much in his little life that he's actually learned how to cope with it. Being sick for him is a way of life. He takes it like such a champ, and (although he'll hate for me to admit it here) handles it a lot better than his own dad. His daddy is a big baby when he's sick. But we won't tell him that.

Well, for now I'm going to go cuddle up with that little bug of mine.

Box of tissues in hand. Luckily we have no use for a puke bucket this time.

. . . .At least yet, anyway, something to be thankful for.