Monday, August 20, 2007

29 things

Saw this on a friend's blog and it got me thinking about all the things I'd like to accomplish in the next few years or so.

So, here you go:

29 things before I'm 30:

  1. Own a house.
  2. Run a successful photography business.
  3. Live somewhere else besides Florida, preferably Ohio or Houston.
  4. Learn to have more patience with my dear boys.
  5. Stop yelling so much.
  6. Get into a great routine around here, and stay in that great, organized routine.
  7. Spend more meaningful time with my family.
  8. Plan awesome events to do on a weekly basis with the boys.
  9. Be 25 lbs. thinner.
  10. Be healthier.
  11. Have a routine exercise plan.
  12. Have at least one completed scrapbook, with the rest of my photos in albums, organized waiting to be scrap booked.
  13. Get the boys' room completed and decorated. Including refinishing the dressers.
  14. Finally settle the score with my mother-in-law. Tell her how I feel about her and her ways, find my voice to put her in her place.
  15. Be married to my wonderful Timmy.
  16. Take as many vacations as possible.
  17. Get more crafty.
  18. Finally start, and finish the art project for my bedroom that I've had in mind for over a year now.
  19. Stay in touch with my friends more.
  20. Make more friends.
  21. Have all of my digital photos backed up and stored safely, not to be lost or nearly lost again.
  22. Be debt free (except for the mortgage on a house of course)
  23. Have a decorated house, just the way I want it and have envisioned it forever now.
  24. Be watching a lot less TV
  25. Make holiday traditions with my children, lasting memories they'll carry on to their own children.
  26. Be a manager at my current job, only in a different location.
  27. Help Tim get our business established and successful.
  28. make sure my boys (all three of them) know how much I love them. Every day.
  29. Try out recipes and bake homemade cookies and cakes for my family a lot more often.
Hmmm, two and a half years to accomplish all of these things. It's great to have goals, especially goals that I know I can accomplish.

Here's to the next three years, I know they'll be good ones.