Tuesday, September 18, 2007

hi ho, hi ho. . . .

. . . I'm back at work now. Today was my first day back and I have to say, it was pretty darn great.

Granted, starting off in photo is always going to improve the odds of having a good day, even after I managed to ruin not only one but TWO rolls of this poor guys' film. Something I have never, EVER done in the past and hope to never do again. Because, it sucks.

Especially when the photos happen to be of a very close family member's wedding and said family member trusted you to take ALL of the photos, for the entire event, and you go out of your way to explain that to the photo tech before handing over your priceless rolls of film. Then, the photo tech goes on to share with you her flawless record and makes you feel all warm and cozy inside about her photo developing skillz. However, what she fails to mention is her lack of all things sleep related for the past week and a half. Or that her brain is basically mush right now due to the fact that she's been dealing with a sick five year old for as long as she can remember and forming complete sentences is a task, in and of itself. But, it gets worse, you, being the awesome customer that you are, even go out of your way and tell her to take her time and make them PERFECT. That you'll be back in a few hours, but seriously NO RUSH because you'd rather have the photos looking perfect as a suprise for the happy couple themselves, who just so happen to be dining with you this very evening.

Not that I would know or anything because that paragraph above was totally hypothetical. Really, it was. And when I tell you that if that would have happened to me I would have just about died. Still hypothetical, I'm just putting myself in that other person's shoes. I'm good at that. Seriously.

But if it really were 100% accurate, I would also be inclined to tell you that the customer, even after learning that his film was destroyed acted like a wonderfully awesome human being. He took it in stride. Sure he was upset but he also understood that sometimes things happen and sometimes the idiot you hand your film off to has a lot on her plate to deal with and she just might accidentally screw up your film. Yep, if this were a true situation, I'd have to say that the man would have to be my favorite customer of the day.

Because truly, he rocked.