Sunday, October 21, 2007

no news

Just means I'm extremely busy.

Tim's "grandfather" passed away on Thursday, so we spent yesterday in Daytona for his funeral. Got to meet a bunch of people that Tim was very close with growing up, so that was fun. The funeral was. . . interesting, as funerals usually are. I'm just glad I got to be there for Tim, and support him in anyway I could during this difficult time in his life.

I am still kicking myself for my little outburst a few days ago. Especially now that everything is said and done, I can totally see why being there for this man was so important to him. Knowing you don't have much time with someone, especially an estranged friend/family member, can really begin to make you realize how much you've missed them. How much the fight that caused the silence was silly, or pointless, and begin to really regret the time you've missed with that person. I totally see that now. Luckily, Tim understands that I am super hard-headed and need to realize these things for myself, on my own time, instead of being talked in to them by him.

Anyway, all is good on that front and all those insecure moments of mine are history. Hopefully the kind of history we'll never need to talk about again. Except, when we look back and realize that it was because of this man that my husband is now back in touch with his family. Who, although they are not related by blood, they are as close as any family I've ever seen. Picking up where they left off all those years ago. Just catching up on the minor details like the new, smaller additions, and the spouses (or in our case, soon to be spouses) that have been added.

As for the rest of our weekend, we are spending the time cleaning this house top to bottom. Dusting, de-cluttering, steam cleaning, spot painting, the works. All in an effort to keep our dear Bumpo healthy for more than like. . . ten minutes. The battle with the apartment complex over the influx of water in this place still rages on. We've let them bring in their professional steam cleaner, and while it did do more than I thought it would, I'm still not convinced it is the end all to be all. I guess we'll have to wait and see what the next few days bring in the way of Bumpo's health. And the thought of using my son as a guinea pig pisses me off to no end, really it does. However, we don't have a lot of options as of yet. We're just doing our best to do what they ask, and then when it doesn't work, we'll have a stronger leg to stand on. No matter what the outcome though, at the very least, we will be moving when our lease is up. Not sure if we'll be buying a house or renting again, but we do know for sure we are NOT staying here. Right now our future is pretty much up in the air, and while that idea holds a little bit of excitement, the practical, planning side of me, totally hates the limbo stage. But, we are making the best of things while we are here, and planning what we can plan to make the transition easier on everyone.

Well, that's it from our end, on this beautiful fall weekend day. Now, I need to get back to watching that dear husband of mine be all domestic and manly while he finishes up some much needed tasks/repairs around the house. God, I love watching that man work!