Saturday, November 24, 2007

spinning my wheels

I'm in a weird kind of mood today.

My PC card isn't working with my mac which means the photo update I wanted to do isn't possible now. Which, for some reason, is bumming me out more than usual.

Probably because I'm so damn tired, meaning anything and everything is taking more energy than I care to excerpt at this given moment. That and I think the hive problem is seriously wearing me down. Mind, body, and spirit. The hives cover at least 50% of my body on a daily basis, making for a gross looking cellulite-ish appearance. And, if that isn't a bad enough image, imagine having these weird bumps EVERYWHERE, roughly shaped like mosquito bites next to each other, that itch worse than any damn bite I've ever had in my life, non-stop. My body is so darn tired right now that no matter how much sleep I get, it still isn't enough to make a difference. As far as the mind and spirit part, suffice it to say, it's kinda hard to see yourself in the mirror, all splotchy faced and swollen, day after day, hour after hour. With the only relief being an over-the-counter antihistamine because anything else would knock me out on contact with my blood stream.

But enough with the "poor me" talk. Christmas is coming and there is much to much to do to let some minor health problem interfere.

Tomorrow. Tonight, I relax and sleep.

*Yes, I realize I missed posting yesterday. I'll try to fill in later tonight or tomorrow. Hopefully, with pictures.


Maya said...

Hi April! I'm not sure if you got my email but I wanted to let you know that you won the HP Printer and Photo book. I just need to get your address to send them to. Email me at