Saturday, March 29, 2008

time time where have you gone?

Seems like I've been working non-stop for the past three (or so) weeks. Leaving absolutely no time to blog. Hell, most nights I barely have time to read to my children, eat dinner, do a minimal amount of house work, and get things ready for the next day before I'm ready for bed. Hell, who am I kidding, I'm usually "ready" for bed before I even walk through the door every evening. Work is taking everything I've got.

So, in an effort to "catch up" on things I'm going to make a nice bulleted list of my life, the condensed version. It doesn't really take the place of an actual blog post of these events, but it will have to do.

  • Easter at the in-laws went as well as could be expected. Looking back, I can honestly say that the most relaxing part of the day was the six hours I spent at work that morning. It's weird being in a house, with two grown adults who can't stand each other, yet try to get along for the kids' sake, for an entire day. They refuse to talk to one another, so needless to say, much of the day was spent with us visiting with each one individually, in their separate corners rooms. Luckily, the kids were too busy with their goodies from the Big Hoppin' Bunny to notice.
  • Speaking of work, things there couldn't be better. I'm not sure if I mentioned this here or not, but I gave up on the whole Pharmacy Tech thing for the time being. It's a long, complicated story, but the short version is that the main Pharmacist in our store is a gigantic ass, and working with him made me dread work all together, which is not something I wanted to deal with. Instead, after talking with my store manager, I've decided to go into store management. I have to start as a shift manager and work my way up but my manager doesn't see why I couldn't have my own store within a year or so. In the long run, I think this is a better path for me to take anyway. Often times when people go in to the pharmacy with hopes of getting into management, they end up getting stuck sorting pills instead of moving up. Not something I want to happen to me.
  • While things on my job front are moving in the right direction, Tim seems to be at a standstill. It's a very scary time in our lives on that front right now. He's applied at every place he can think of, and has only gone on three interviews. The good news is that the one he went on Friday looks very promising so we're hoping, beyond all reasonable hope, that it's the break we so desperately need, if not.
  • The kids are still doing great in school although lately, I think they've begun to pick up on the stress around here. They're starting to slip with their school work and Bumpo quit doing any work at all last week. All of this is totally unacceptable in our books. We just need to watch what we say around here and beyond all else, keep them on the kind of schedule they thrive at.
  • Bumpo has a school performance coming up in a little over a week and I really cannot wait for it. He's been practicing the songs around the house for weeks now. I know them so well I could probably sing along with them. But, I wouldn't want to embarrass the little bugger.
Okay, I think that's about everything on my end of things. Now that it's all written out, it really doesn't seem like that much. Surely not enough to keep me away from the blog this long.

I guess it really is amazing how much stress really factors in to your life.