Wednesday, March 26, 2008

works for me wednesday: laptop lunches

If you've ever packed a lunch for your child you will know that there really aren't many options out there. Short of a handful of sandwich options, some form of chips/crackers, and fruit/veggies in some shape or another that about covers it. Finding something healthy, unprocessed, and appetizing, that can stand up to a child's overly critical pallet can prove to be a bit of a challenge.

Not to mention how much pollution a single packed lunch can produce. Especially, if you are like us, and pack them every single day, for each child in the house.

Think about it. . . .

1 plastic baggie for a sandwich.

1-2 more plastic baggies for the sides.

1 disposable drink box.

Plastic utensils to eat with.

And, in our case, a paper bag to contain it all.

Multiply that times two (the number of children in our household)

And then multiply that by about 180 (on average, the number of days your child will attend school in any given year).

Now, I'm no math genius but I know the end result is a large one.

That's a lot of unrecycleable plastic filling our landfills and a lot of cash out of pocket to put it there.

Ever since my oldest was in Kindergarten I've been looking for a better option.

A lunch box that is stylish, reusable, and good for the environment. Not to mention versatile, allowing me to pack more than just a sandwich day in and day out.

This tiny company covers it all.

They have the best lunch box system I've ever come across. Don't let the initial price get you down (although they do offer a discount when you buy more than one). Once you take in to consideration the cost of all those little ziploc baggies, this lunch box is by far the cheaper way to go.

Not to mention that it comes with the cutest little book full of creative lunch ideas for any picky eater.

And, if that's not enough, I also stumbled across an awesome blog FULL of healthy (albeit, vegan,) lunch ideas especially designed for this lunch kit.

Although she doesn't do it anymore, this mom spent an entire school year packing new things each day for her son to take to school. then she'd do a review on her blog of that day's menu, depending on how much food was left in her son's lunch box when he returned home for the day. Start from the beginning, and search through her archives, I promise you'll find a ton of ideas.

All in all I can't say enough about this lunch box. It's awesome. It's great for the environment. Fun for the kids. And allows me to feel better about what I give my child for lunch on any given day.

Not to mention cheaper in the long run than the traditional plastic baggie method.

And that works for me.

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Heart of Wisdom said...

Thanks for posting this.
I would have never found it on my own.