Thursday, May 14, 2009

i got an award. . .

. . . . not that I truly deserve one. Things around here have been rather. . . . boring?. . . .bleak. . . lately. In my head I have all these great ideas for awesome revisions I want to make to this blog. I would love to hire someone to custom design one for me. My head is chock full of wonderful writing topics, and I really don't have any intentions on giving this up anytime soon. I think about things to post while I'm at work, or while I'm in the car driving the kids to their latest destination. The writers block is gone, now all I need is time. At the end of a twelve hour day it's hard to do anything but veg on the sofa and pray that a dinner fairy will descend upon my house and do the laundry, fix dinner, and maybe even entertain the kids for a few minutes. But I digress. . . .

Kracker (?) over at KrackerBarrell has decided that I am worthy of an award, and for that, I thank her lots. She's awesome and she can bake. And bake up a storm she does. Now if I could just convince her to send one of her heavenly concoctions to me here in CA I'd be set. But seriously, she is an awesome woman and just so happens to be the mother of my favorite niece (sorry Deuce) and nephew.

So without further adieu, here are my 8's:

8 Things I'm Looking Forward To:

1. Moving to Ohio to be closer to family.
2. Buying a house.
3. Upcoming promotions at work.
4. Having another baby (if I can make it happen.)
5. Saturday, it's my day off. Ahhhh, SLEEP!!
6. Getting completely unpacked here.
7. Getting the things in the old house finally moved into storage.
8. Moving on with my life and finally being able to put the last six months behind me for good.

8 Things I did yesterday:
1. Got up at an ungodly hour and worked for twelve hours.
2. Still managed to have energy after work so I went to the laundromat and did some laundry. (We don't have w&d hook-ups here, so the laundromat will be my home for the next year while my perfectly awesome HE w&d take a break and live in storage)
3. Spent a lot of time thinking about my brother and how he has completely ruined his life, over something so stupid.
4. Took my wonderful little boys out to dinner.
5. Watched a little too much television. (As the World Turns, Guiding Light, My Boys, and The Hills) Don't know what I'd do without my dvr.
6. Sat up with Tim until too late in the night just enjoying his company. We haven't had too much time together lately with my crazy schedule.
7. Surfed the web, trying to decide on which vacuum cleaner to buy.
8. Spent some time with the kitties who live here. They really are pretty sweet.

8 Things I wish I could do:
1. Have another baby without all the hassles I've been going through these last few years.
2. Convince Tim that he will be happy in Ohio.
3. Order a new mom for Tim. Maybe then he'd stop being so hard on himself for stuff that isn't his fault.
4. Take the entire family on an awesome vacation to Hawaii this year. My parents could use the time away.
5. Convince Bob that lying really is the root of all evil. It leads to bad, bad things. I know he hears me, but he just doesn't get it.
6. Help my brother realize that there really are consequences for your actions and that soon mommy and daddy won't be able to bail him out. Then rewind time.
7. Convince my boss that I really do deserve a humongous raise and to stop dicking me around about it.
8. sew. (I'm such an embarrassment to my poor mother!!)

8 Shows I watch:
1. The Big Bang Theory
2. Two and a Half Men
3. My Boys
4. Psych
5. Monk
6. How I Met Your Mother
7. As the World Turns
8. Guiding Light (at least until Sept. when it's canceled. 73 years on the air, it just isn't fair!!)

Okay, so there is my list. Now I need to get off of here and get some dinner because that took entirely too long.

I will post my eight recipients in the next few days.

Until then, enjoy!!


The Immortal Woman said...

I heart you!
1) I am thinking of your brother too, my heart goes out to your parents, there is nothing more painful than to see our child hurting and be unable to help them
2) Congrats on your new digs!
3) I remember those days, work 12 hours and do another 4 hard time when you get home, exhausting, but have faith -it will get easier!
4) Vaccums, there is a guy at our flea market who refurbishes them, I buy one for $25 run it about a year and buy another, it is the best money saver ever when it comes to cleaning up after kids, pets, and husbands!
5) Does your mom have any gardening books out there available? Fat Cat is desperate for help on his plants
6) And the fact that you do not sew would never ever make your mother disappointed in you! You may not realize how much I know they adore you!
7) You do deserve a raise!
8) Your neice and nephew would love you to move back to OHIO, and since they are your favorites (sorry duece!) you should do that for them (no selfish motive here)!

Ther are 8 things back at you, sweetie!

April said...

Mom did have a gardening book but I think it was discontinued. She hated how the publisher ruined it so she wasn't surprised. ;-) Give her a call I'm sure she can give you some tips over the phone, after all, it is her favorite past time.

I actually found a vacuum for $50 at wal-mart. It works great, I didn't spend an arm and a leg, and my floors are clean, what more could you ask for?!!

Thank you for the new digs congrats. The place is small but the price is right and oddly without my mother-in-law here it feels ten times bigger than our old place.