Sunday, May 31, 2009

what a week

This has probably been the. longest. week. ever!!

It all started on Monday, Memorial Day, when we woke up to no water. Thanks to a lovely neighbor who tried to upgrade his water softener himself, he broke the emergency shut-off valve rendering us and two other neighbors completely waterless.

Fast-forward two days later and our water finally returned. About that same day, after we were all good and smelly, Bumpo came down with a bad case of croup. Now, I've posted about his previous battles with this horrible virus so you can imagine how excited we were to have this darn thing return after a two-year absence from our lives. Two emergency room trips later and he's resting comfortably with a prescription of prednisolone (by the way, I loathe prednisolone, it has horrible, horrible side effects) and a two-day pass from school. Which, that in and of itself, created a ton of stress. Tim called out one day, I got the other.

Because I called out on Friday, I got to make up my lovely shift today in my home store (the same store I haven't had a full shift in since. . . . January) today, which just so happened to be inventory day. Talk about fun. A full day of counting, arguing with the inventory company, and worst of all, every big wig in the district at my store. I haven't been that stressed in months! But the end result was good, we did really well and only have 1.66% shrink. Which is awesome, the lowest in the district. Which should make our district manager a little less upset over the fact that my store also has the worst customer service scores in the entire region. Yeah, like I said I haven't been there since January.

So anyway, that was my wonderful week. Looking back, it really is just life, nothing life-shattering or super horrible. Nothing to really complain about, and actually, even with everything that happened, it's so much better than any moment I spent in the same house with that horrible woman, Tim's "mother".


The Immortal Woman said...

Well your week did suck! But at least no MIL!