Sunday, April 19, 2009

so, today is my birthday.

And so far it's been wonderful. No natural disasters, no crazy people blowing up buildings or crazy sieges, no home fire aftermath, no loss of any jobs. It's been a nice change. Sure, we're in the middle of many big changes, not to mention yet another move (I'll post something soon about all of the stuff that's been going on lately) but things are rather calm this year, relatively speaking.

However, I couldn't go unscathed either, that just isn't allowed. A few days ago, Tim came down with these weird blisters all over his back. We had no idea what they were and didn't think much of it at first. Yesterday, there were more blisters along with intense itching. Still not to alarmed, he's had vaccinations for measles, he's already had chicken pox, and he's really too young for shingles. Then, today came the fever, headaches, backaches and so on. After doing a quick search on Dr. Google we're pretty sure that he does, in fact, have another case of the good ol' chicken pox.

Bumpo hasn't had them yet, which means he'll surely be next on the list to get them. I'm worried that I'll get them again, although I already had them when I was seven, my immune system totally sucks right now, leaving the gates wide open for an infection (or infestation, depending on your point of view).

Just what I always wanted for my birthday, a highly contagious virus. Not exactly what I meant by a break from work.


linkloetz said...

Pretty sure those are shingles. You're never too young - my friend's 11-year old daughter and my 17-year old son both had them. He needs to see a doctor asap because there are meds to take that can hopefully prevent complications.

The Immortal Woman said...

My husband has had them 3 times! He became really sick and the medicine was insanely expensive. It lasts much longer in adults and can cause a lot of other problems. He needs to get to the doctor, the virus can make him sterile.

Oh, and happy birthday!

April said...

Thank you for the birthday wishes Immortal! He has an appointment today to see what they are for sure. And, omg, 3 times, that's crazy!!! The first time Tim got chicken pox, he was in his 20's and he had them really really bad. Took him a month to get over them. So far, this case is way less severe so we're hoping for the best.

Linkloetz, we know for sure that they are not shingles. The bumps aren't big enough and they are all over his body instead of focused on a certain side. We have an appointment today to find out what it is for sure though.

The Immortal Woman said...

What did the Dr. say?

And maybe you should move your birthday! it seems jinxed!